I gave up for a bit

I was like a car that stalled when you press the gas too hard. The only good thing about that metaphor is that the car eventually catches up.

Meal Prep ideas 1/22

Meatless week learning! Okay, truth be told I failed at the whole week thing, but I did last til Friday. I did learn that that tofu is not terrible and I will be incorporating more meatless meals into my diet. I am also cutting dairy, that’s just a random side note but yea. I’m still fasting,…

Life update: Waiting is trash

Life is actually more like climbing a mountain, or going for a hike. The beginning of most hikes are marked and obvious, but then they kinda more ambiguous, and it gets easier and easier to get lost.

Personal Responsibility is boring 

Personal Responsibility (PR) is so boring. It’s so much more fun to pass the blame. Hey y’all, it’s been awhile. My manager Anna D. gave me this book “Reality Based Leadership.” I know I talk about her in like every post, but she’s been like my leadership tour guide. Anyway, the book talked about a lot…


You are you, and your path is not the same as your neighbor’s. Don’t stress yourself out comparing.

Pull the trigger

Before we start let’s get a few clichés out the way. No risk, no reward. You have to jump. You can’t expect new results doing the same things…if you’ve ever done research you know that last one is a half truth, # genomicresearchbuildscharacter. All of these clichés mean the same thing: just do the damn…