OH The Places We Will Go: Dr. Seuss had it right

I believe that Dr. Seuss was one the greatest writers to ever live. He understood that you don’t have write long complicated doctoral thesis to convey very high level concepts. In his book “Oh the places you will go,” Seuss laid out what is coming up in my life for the most-part. The gist of the book is, life is going to be really good for portions at times, then you might fail, then your’re going to be stuck in a part in which you don’t have any control of it, then it will be great again, repeat.

I’m in the part of my life where I’ve graduated from college and I’m about to start my “independent” life. I put quotations around independent, because I’m Nigerian, and just like most immigrants, no matter how old I get my parents want an equal share in my decision making. But honestly, they can keep that noise. Don’t get me wrong, I will always listen to them out of respect, but I’ve just come to the conclusion that life is too short to live for someone else. I feel like that sounds cliche and over played, eh whatever it’s my blog, moving on. In this next phase of my life I will have to rely on what I know and be open and willing to learn all that I can, while doing what I have to do in order to achieve my goals. I know it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, but I know God will see me through. There are going to be times when I’m the best and there are going to be time when I’m going to question if I’m doing the right thing. What keeps me going is that God has placed a vision on my heat that is so big it scares me. I have  an idea of how I am going to do it, but honestly I’m not sure, and that’s perfectly fine. I find that when I think I know exactly what I’m suppose to do, I fail. HARD. I put up my blinders and get major tunnel vision. If you run life’s raise with tunnel vision, you’ll miss out on all the roses.( I tried so hard to be deep just now, don’t mind me) I’m really excited for everything that’s about to happen in life. I’m a college graduate on a path and can’t be stopped.

The one piece of advice I keep getting over and over is, MAKE GOALS and stick to them. For me I’m going to work on: staying consistent and coming out of my shell. If you know me, you think of one of two things. You either think, man Josh is a really loud extroverted person, or if you really know me, you think; man Josh never wanna go downtown. I’m actually both. I’m an extroverted- introvert, there’s nothing wrong with that, but how do I expect to meet and keep meaningful relationships if I’m always at home. I think the trick for me is find things that interest me and go them. I hate partying, it’s just not my scene. I love lounges, jazz clubs, going to dinner, basically any place that chill. So yea, I don’t know why I just placed all my business out there like this is a dating profile, but yea, I’m just go out to places that interest me.

Random prayer moment: In the name of Jesus, father as I move on to the step of my life, father lead me. Guide me down the path you have placed on my life. I know the road will not be easy at times, and I may fall. Father give me the strength to move past disappointments and the grace to face adversity. You have seen me this far and I know you have to power to see me further. I can do it, because you are in me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Guys, just like in the book, life is going to be great for awhile, then it’s going to be terrible, then it’s going to awesome, then it’s going to be crappy,….. basically life is a roller coaster of success and failures, but that’s what makes it great. We live and we learn. We raise and we fall. We have great days and we have drake days. As long as we keep on pushing and growing… Oh! The places we will go.

I love y’all, stay blessed.

S/O to Ms. Hidalgo for reading this to my AP Bio class senior year, it has impacted my life.

J is alive

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