Shark Points presented by Daymond John

I meant to post this a long time ago, but yea. I had the opportunity to hear one of my business role models Daymond John speak at UT awhile back. He is the founder of FUBU, y’all remember when FUBU was the coolest thing ever. Listening to him speak really made me happy because a lot of what he said is what I’ve been telling myself. I might actually be good at this business thing. Here are my notes on the SHARK way to be successful in business. It’s very loosely put together, but pay attention there’s some gold here.

Set Goals
. . . If you don’t your own goals you will set negative goals.
Your assets are what feeds you you liability is what eats you.
Do your homework
. . If you don’t know the system you can’t change the season.
Be persistent
. . . A no is an absolute maybe.
He was being chocked by what’s called float. You need OPM-Others people’s money, open people’s minds
Adore what you do.
. . . Love what you do.
. . . Be obsessed with what you do.
BUT find your balance. Family is everything
Remember you are the brand.
. . If you don’t know what you stand for you leave it to other people to determine.
Go home and define yourself in two to five words.
. . . Morning aspiration
Life is a series of presentations-Tony jerry.
. . What’s in it for the person you are pitching to.
Keep swimming #justkeepswimming

J is alive

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