Making Bread

Life is like baking bread, I’ll explain. When you’re making bread there are three major steps. Putting all the ingredients in a bowl, mixing, and baking. Those are similar to the inner makings of a person.

First you have to put all of the ingredients in a bowl. For me the bowl represents my parents. I’ve been blessed with amazing parents. They and other people in my life have poured in a lot of different ingredients that help to create Josh loaf (that was one of the lamest things I’ve written, but have you met me). For example, my mom gave me her heart for others. My mom has been a pastor for the past 25 years so I’ve seen my mom council people and work tirelessly in the community. Her love for others inspires me every day to be a better person. My father taught me what it means to be a man. A man, he says, is not determined by what you have, but who you impact.

Now that you have all your ingredients in a bowl it’s time to mix them all together. This is life. Life is an ingesting process, because just like bread dough, life can be sticky at times and depending on who’s mixing it, it can either be very fast or very slow. But through all the life experiences, you grow. College was a time of intense mixing for me. I remember walking into college thinking I was the best thing since sliced pickles then leaving with a new sense of humility. I remember my first college exam, Chem 301 with Dr.Fakhreddine. She was this small Lebanese woman who made even the toughest football player shake with fear. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t mean, she just had this presence about her that made you want to act right. She told us that we should study hard for this exam, but me being the smartest man in the world did what I did in high school, nothing. So after “going over my notes” I walk in that lecture hall, look down at the paper and it was like could hear all the brain cells in my head collectively go, huh?  Needless to say, I failed that exam. The collective experience that was college taught me a lot about myself and I’m better for it.

Everyone who’s made bread knows, the dough is almost ready to be baked when it starts to pull away from bowl. This is where I am. I’m finally my own man and I’ve experience a little of what life has to offer. I’m am beginning to bake in some of the pillars that makes me me. I have a better understanding of the man I want to be, but he doesn’t exist yet. Parts of him is still being mixed, other ingredients have yet to be discovered. I don’t know when or if I will make him fully, but that’s not really up to me.

Life is like making bread, except we should never be fully baked. A fully baked person runs the risk of become stale, and nobody likes stale bread.

J is alive

This was a speech I gave at my company’s Toastmasters meeting. I’m trying to improve my public speaking skills. Stretch yourself!


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