Pull the trigger

Before we start let’s get a few clichés out the way. No risk, no reward. You have to jump. You can’t expect new results doing the same things…if you’ve ever done research you know that last one is a half truth, # genomicresearchbuildscharacter. All of these clichés mean the same thing: just do the damn thing! But like a lot of sayings, they forget to mention the all the grey areas. What if I take a high risk and still get no reward. What if I take a medium risk and get a huge reward. What if I jump, get caught in the air, and while in the air I discover I can fly, but then I fly into this forest where I meet this bomb ass girl who has the 🔑🔑 to the World Bank, but to get the key I have to marry her ugly older sister, her sister’s heart secretly belongs the protector of the realm of a forest 100 days ride away, so I gotta go fight him and bring back his head GOT style, but when I get back with his head they kill me because it turns out that was their father. Lol, sorry, BUT my point is life is full of grey and very little black and white. However, that shouldn’t stop us from pulling the trigger.

If you know me, you know that I think a lot, but somehow manage not to think everything threw. One week from now it would be one year since I’ve graduated from UT. That’s so crazy to me. I feel like time  is moving a lot faster. It’s honestly scaring the shit out of me. I feel like all this time has past and I’ve done very little. Yea, I finally feel like I’ve adjusted to adulthood, whatever that means. I’m doing well at work and I love what I do. I’m happy. But I feel like I’ve been on the bench and now I’m itching to get back in the game. I work 8ish hours a day helping someone else to advance their vision, but none on advancing my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I’m constantly challenged and my company is helping me to grow. I’m just disappointed in myself. I’m disappointed in myself because when I moved over here I warned myself about becoming complacent. I wrote blog post about how easy and dangerous that is. Yet, I didn’t do much to combat it. I’m am in no means a bad situation, I’ve just slowed down on the execution of my goals. This is usually where I would go into some rant about how all that changes today. With some part in it saying how I can do it. “I got this.” Blah blah blah, self motivation. That stuff never works. It’s just talk. Nothing changes until you do. I have to do something. Pull the trigger.

Pulling the trigger is more than just talk, it’s a planned action. You pick up gun, aim and shoot at a moving target, with your eyes half opened. It’s hard, it’s cinfusing, but it must be done. As Johnathan Sprinkles says, it can be done. The question is do you want to do it. I want to do it. So it time to do it. I have set my goals, I have the things I need, all that’s left to do is… pull the trigger. There going to lots of reasons not to and things that try push the arm down, that’s life. But there are times where you just have to pull the trigger.

J is alive

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