I gave up for a bit

Hi y’all. Long time no talk. In fact, this is sadly my first Josh thoughts of the year. This is going to be, real? I don’t know. You read the title of the post. I fell off, gave up, got into a rut, all of that. Whatever you call it I was killing my goals, then one day I stopped. Well it wasn’t one day. It was, “oh my car is acting up”, so I can take the whole day off even though I was done with the car around 7pm. Then I came down with a cold. then I got busy at work,excuse after excuse after excuse. Before I knew it, the entire month of February has passed and I’d accomplished nothing. Well I accomplished one thing, I turned 24! Yay? I’m not sure what happened to me this month, well I do. I accepted every excuse you can, just because it was a way out. Doing nothing is so easy, but then you don’t advance. I think my problem is that I jumped into this year too gun-ho, if that makes sense. I was too hyped, lol. I was like a car that stalled when you press the gas too hard. The only good thing about that metaphor is that the car eventually catches up. By God’s grace, that’s this month. I’m taking it a day at a time and I’m gonna go day by day. God is in control.

This, this what I’m doing is an important part of any journey of change. Acknowledge when you’ve messed up or given up and hit the restart the button. As Anna D. says, “Be patient with yourself.” It’ll work out. Correction, it’ll work out if you put the work in.

Watch out for a new Josh Eats coming up this week!


J is alive… stay hungry

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